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Lines referred to as cytolines are genotypes in which the organelle (mitochondria and plastids) and nuclear genomes originate from two different natural accessions. They can be used to evaluate the impact of cytoplasmic variation and nuclear-cytoplasmic interactions on plant phenotypes. The genetic factors involved in these interactions can then be identified using F2 populations resulting from crosses between the same accessions, which are available here. 56 cytolines were generated from reciprocal crosses between the eight accessions of the core collection followed by recurrent backcrossing with the nuclear genome donor. Three successive paternal backcrosses were performed, and plants homozygous for the recurrent parent genotype were selected by genotyping with markers distributed along the genome (Roux et al. 2016 pdf+SI). The list of markers used for each cytoline is available here.

Here is the list of the 56 available cytolines. You can also use the 'Search' function: if you enter 'AB', you'll get all the cytolines whose name or parent names contains 'AB'. From this page, you can also order seeds of male and female parents of the cytolines, which were produced in the same conditions.

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Cytoline Female
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95CV 95 Ita-0 157AV Cvi-0 166AV
96CV 96 Ita-0 157AV Jea 25AV
97CV 97 Ita-0 157AV Oy-0 224AV
98CV 98 Ita-0 157AV Shahdara 236AV
99CV 99 Blh-1 180AV Ita-0 157AV
100CV 100 Bur-0 172AV Ita-0 157AV
101CV 101 Ct-1 162AV Ita-0 157AV
102CV 102 Cvi-0 166AV Ita-0 157AV
103CV 103 Jea 25AV Ita-0 157AV
104CV 104 Oy-0 224AV Ita-0 157AV
105CV 105 Shahdara 236AV Ita-0 157AV
36CV 36 Shahdara 236AV Blh-1 180AV
37CV 37 Shahdara 236AV Bur-0 172AV
38CV 38 Shahdara 236AV Ct-1 162AV
39CV 39 Shahdara 236AV Cvi-0 166AV
41CV 41 Shahdara 236AV Jea 25AV
42CV 42 Shahdara 236AV Oy-0 224AV
43CV 43 Oy-0 224AV Shahdara 236AV
44CV 44 Oy-0 224AV Blh-1 180AV
45CV 45 Oy-0 224AV Bur-0 172AV
46CV 46 Oy-0 224AV Ct-1 162AV
47CV 47 Oy-0 224AV Cvi-0 166AV
49CV 49 Oy-0 224AV Jea 25AV
50CV 50 Jea 25AV Blh-1 180AV
51CV 51 Jea 25AV Bur-0 172AV
52CV 52 Jea 25AV Ct-1 162AV
53CV 53 Jea 25AV Cvi-0 166AV
55CV 55 Jea 25AV Oy-0 224AV
56CV 56 Jea 25AV Shahdara 236AV
64CV 64 Cvi-0 166AV Blh-1 180AV
65CV 65 Cvi-0 166AV Bur-0 172AV
66CV 66 Cvi-0 166AV Ct-1 162AV
68CV 68 Cvi-0 166AV Jea 25AV
69CV 69 Cvi-0 166AV Oy-0 224AV
70CV 70 Cvi-0 166AV Shahdara 236AV
71CV 71 Ct-1 162AV Blh-1 180AV
72CV 72 Ct-1 162AV Bur-0 172AV
73CV 73 Ct-1 162AV Cvi-0 166AV
75CV 75 Ct-1 162AV Jea 25AV
76CV 76 Ct-1 162AV Oy-0 224AV
77CV 77 Ct-1 162AV Shahdara 236AV
78CV 78 Bur-0 172AV Blh-1 180AV
79CV 79 Bur-0 172AV Ct-1 162AV
80CV 80 Bur-0 172AV Cvi-0 166AV
82CV 82 Bur-0 172AV Jea 25AV
83CV 83 Bur-0 172AV Oy-0 224AV
84CV 84 Bur-0 172AV Shahdara 236AV
85CV 85 Blh-1 180AV Bur-0 172AV
86CV 86 Blh-1 180AV Ct-1 162AV
87CV 87 Blh-1 180AV Cvi-0 166AV
89CV 89 Blh-1 180AV Jea 25AV
90CV 90 Blh-1 180AV Oy-0 224AV
91CV 91 Blh-1 180AV Shahdara 236AV
92CV 92 Ita-0 157AV Blh-1 180AV
93CV 93 Ita-0 157AV Bur-0 172AV
94CV 94 Ita-0 157AV Ct-1 162AV