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Epigenetic recombinant inbred lines (epiRILs,) were generated with the aim of studying the impact of epigenetic changes such as DNA methylation on phenotypic variation. These epiRILs derive from two closely related parents of the same accession (Columbia, Col), one homozygous for the wild type DDM1 allele (Col-wt), and the other for the ddm1-2 mutant allele (Col-ddm1). The two parents thus have little DNA sequence differences, but contrasting DNA methylation profiles (Johannes et al. 2009 PLoS Genet pdf).

The complete set of lines comprises 500 epiRILs, labelled from 35RV001 to 35RV579, plus 24 control lines of Col-wt propagated at the same time and using the same method as for the epiRILs, labelled from 35RV600 to 35RV623. A subset of 123 epiRILs were epigenotyped with 126 markers of differential DNA methylation (Colomé-Tatché et al. 2012 PNAS pdf). Epigenotypes: '1' is for ddm1-2 mutant alleles and '2' is for wild type DDM1 alleles (Col-wt). BEWARE: epigenotyping data are from 123 epiRILs, of which only 121 are distributed. The lines 98 and 122 are epigenotyped but not available; they are present in the epigenotype table and should appear in your phenotype tables as missing data.

You can order either individual lines or the subset of 123 genotyped epiRILs plus 5 control lines, or the complete set of 500 epiRILs plus 24 control lines.

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35RV Col-ddm1 Col-wt 123 subset genotype