Versailles Arabidopsis Stock Center

Institut Jean-Pierre Bourgin


A set of about 55,000 T-DNA insertion mutant lines was built in the Ws (Wassilewskija) background via Agrobacterium tumefaciens in planta transformation with the binary vector pGKB5. 46,236 flanking sequence tags (FST) have been identified, they are available in the database Flagdb++, as well as SIGnAL and TAIR. Information about FSTs and how to genotype the insertion lines can be found here.

For FSTs, use the 'Search' function: if you enter 'ABC', you will get all items whose name starts with 'ABC'.It is also possible to enter semicolon-separated lists (for example 026G11;105D01;025A05). Search for 026G11 (not FLAG_026G11).

As our T-DNA insertion lines are in the Ws (Wassilewskija) background, use Ws, not Col-0, as a control for gene amplification and phenotyping.