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The HEM lines (Homozygous EMS Mutants) are lines randomly mutagenized by Ethyl-MethaneSulfonate and made homozygous or nearly-homozygous (Capilla-Perez, L., Solier, V., Portemer, V., Chambon, A., Hurel, A., Guillebaux, A., … Mercier, R. (2018). The HEM Lines: A New Library of Homozygous Arabidopsis thaliana EMS Mutants and its Potential to Detect Meiotic Phenotypes. Frontiers in Plant Science, 9, 1339. The first part of the collection (EH lines) was made homozygous through haplodiploidization (Ravi and Chan 2010 Nature 464(7288):615-8) and is in the Col-0 glabra-1 mutant background, exhibiting an absence of trichomes. The second part of the collection (ES lines) is in the Col-0 wild-type background and was made nearly-homozygous through four generations of selfing (Single Seed Descent) after EMS mutagenesis. In both cases, a line is composed of identical or nearly-identical plants. This collection can be used for forward genetic screens, looking either at a single plant per line, or at several plants to look at a more quantitative phenotype. Each line should contain 100-500 homozygous mutations that affect the sequence of a protein coding gene (amino-acid change, stop codon, loss of splicing sites).

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HEM set name Number of lines Select
EH Set1 99
EH Set2 99
ES Set1 60
ES Set2 90
ES Set3 47
ES Set6 140
ES Set10 290
ES Set11 59